Monday, July 11, 2011

FYI (a.k.a. Someone Has a Case of the Mondays)

So this morning at work, I may or may not have forwarded to my entire department (including the VP) an email conversation between my friend and I wherein she asked me what was worse - that she had a croissant that tasted like semen or that, once finding that her croissant tasted like man juice, she proceeded to finish the thing.  I also may or may not have included the response to that email wherein I called her a whore. 

The best part is that I may or may not have put FYI in the body of the forward.   As if to allegedly say  "Just so you know, my friend ate a jizz flavored bread product and I think she's a hooker for doing so.  Enjoy your day."  

Is it time to go home yet??  

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